The Shooting Star Salesman

A seemingly refreshing short film with a magical story, the trailer leaves lots to desire! We can’t wait to see the full film.

The Shooting Star Salesman tells the story of a 19th century ageless Salesman (Yancey Arias) who is granted the magical ability to align individuals with their own unique shooting star to wish upon. His rare gift becomes a curse when he outlives his family, turning him into a recluse and breaking the magic of the shooting star machine. As he ventures out to restore people’s belief in shooting stars, he picks up a curious 8 year old tag along named Elijah (Elijah Velarde) who starts to question if perhaps it’s the Salesman himself who needs to have his faith restored. An unlikely partnership is formed between the two as they embark on a journey to restore the faith of humanity. But as their friendship grows, the Salesman is torn between continuing his legacy or renouncing his magical gift for the chance to reunite with the family he lost a lifetime ago.

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