To Live and Dine in L.A. // Daily Short Picks

To Live and Dine in LA

To live and dine in L.A. It’s the place to be. At least for several troubled locals and garrulous German tourists whose lives, for one reason or another, intersect for a star-studded dining experience they will not soon forget. What begins a droning and less than promising evening quickly blossoms[…]

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Dead To The World // Daily Short Picks

Dead to the World

Ben works as the sobriety coach for ‘troubled’ film star James McCann. All Ben has to do is help James learn his lines, keep him sober and make sure he doesn’t do anything stupid…

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Celebrity Charades // Daily Short Picks

Celebrity Charades!

During the taping of a late night talk show, an aging sitcom star and closeted Trump supporter crosses paths with a model and women’s rights activist. Director’s Statement The genesis of the idea happened when I was watching a talk show and wondered to myself what happens back stage between[…]

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Help! I'm Trapped in a Movie || Daily Short Picks

Help! I’m Trapped In A Movie

“Help! I’m Trapped In A Movie” follows the story of a man who wakes up to find himself the star of a Hollywood blockbuster, but his dream soon becomes a nightmare when he discovers he can’t control the plot… From the mind of first-time writer, director, producer, and star Riley[…]

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Short Trailer | Jaded Star

Jaded Star

The captain of a deep space mining vessel struggles to keep his grasp on reality as all his crew are sent insane by a mysterious illness.

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Daily Short Picks | Kara

Kara | a Star Wars Fan film

KARA is a short fan film set in the Star Wars universe.

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Soar | Featured Short Film


A young girl encounters a miniature boy pilot who drops out of the sky, and must race to return him home before it’s too late. Just in time for the magical holiday spirit, ‘Soar’ lights up the night sky with a shimmering twinkly of imagination. What began as a project[…]

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Christmas Dinnersaurs

Christmas Dinnersaurs

The old tradition says: when the First Star appears in the sky, it’s time for Christmas Dinner…saurs! Meet our two prehistoric heros celebrating Christmas Eve in the new short animation by Evermotion.

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The idea of this piece was to stage the genesis of a tiny universe, which only exists for a very short time on a glass plate and then dissolves into a messy stream of oil, ink and water. The universe itself needed to appear as a well defined, glowing and[…]

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The Weekend Shortlist: Without You

Star Fox Cinemtatic

Fox McCloud faces a new an terrifying foe within the nebula of Sector Z. A fan made short film of the popular Nintendo video game series Star Fox in the sole purpose to display the animation talents of the creators Joe Morrisseau, George Hernandez, Jesus Martinez, Jeff Barruga, Jeremy Alvarez,[…]

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