Game // Featured Short


A young boy struggles to endure his sister’s twisted game and accept his mother’s death ‘Game’ is a psychological thriller from Canadian filmmaker Joy Webster, exploring the development of a child’s struggle to cope with his mother’s death with little support from his divided family. When alone in the forest,[…]

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Lions in The Corner // Daily Short Picks

Lions in the Corner

Virginia, Scarface started Streetbeefs in his backyard to combat gun and knife violence in the area. Soon it turned into something much more. Director’s Statement I was absolutely thrilled when I learned that my own hometown was housing a fight club to combat gun and knife violence in the area.[…]

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A Short Documentary About People Fighting // Daily Short Picks

A Short Documentary About People Fighting

Consensual violence is, bizarrely, quite intimate. There was only one hospital visit while making this film. Strangers, friends, lovers, and coworkers pair up to fist fight on camera. Exploring consent, trust, masculinity-femininity, and of course violence, this strange little film casts a surprisingly broad thematic net. If you’ve never been[…]

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Hajji // Featured Short


A fateful encounter between two U.S. Marines and an Afghan teenager fuels a wartime cycle of violence in this inspired-by-true-events short Starring Ross Marquand (The Walking Dead, Avengers: Infinity War) and Dayo Okeniyi (The Hunger Games), Hajji strikes on a terrifying reality and projected misconception of what we know that[…]

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The Lamp Experiment // Crowdfunding Pick

The Lamp Experiment

Sοmewhere in the near future, Nick, a troubled student takes part in a government experiment. The Lamp Experiment is a surreal attempt to explore the primitive nature of human violence. It addresses the effect of the suppression and the oppression of the pain of a personal loss into the human[…]

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Autocannibalsim // Featured Short


One night of partying in the most violent city in the world: Caracas, Venezuela. Shot with a phone, viewed from a phone, the protagonists live and die by their phones, in a place where human life is valued less than of a phone. ‘Autocannibalism‘ is the new collaboration between Finnish[…]

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Knives Down, Bikes Up // Daily Short Picks


London is currently experiencing a knife crime epidemic. In response to this crisis, some of London’s youths have banded together to start the Knives Down, Bikes Up movement which is about breaking down barriers & creating a community of like-minded riders. The death toll from knife violence is still rising[…]

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Billy The Kid // Daily Short Picks

Billy the Kid

When Edward’s wife is nearly killed by outlaws, he must decide whether or not revenge can be justice at the price of teaching his son, William, that violence is an answer. Director’s Statement Billy the Kid was a passionate response to emulate the films I watched in my youth. My[…]

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Billy The Kid // Short Trailer

Billy The Kid

When Edward’s wife is nearly killed by outlaws, he must decide whether or not revenge can be justice at the price of teaching his son, William, that violence is an answer. Premiering December 21st on our Daily Short Picks!

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Metamorphosis // Short Film Trailer


This film will recount the true story of Jon Smith and Bill Troester and the powerful transformation they experienced in their lives through the gospel. Bill and Jon’s childhoods were characterized by pain, disappointment and abuse. This drove them into lives of darkness, seeking for peace and relief from their[…]

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