On June 1st, 5,000 people gathered at Dam Square in solidarity against anti-black violence in the U.S. and the E.U.

Men and women spoke words of power, of outrage, of hope. They aired their anger and frustration toward generations of systemic racism. They shared a vision of what our future ought to be. They demanded justice so we can pave the way towards peace.

Here are a few moments from the protest. I couldn’t capture every speech, chant, and cheer, but I hope I at least caught the spirit of the protest.

Director’s Statement

Even as a person of color currently living in a predominantly white city, even if I’ve had my share of feeling ‘othered’, I can never claim to know the black experience. However, listen, understand, and tell stories. And even if we here in Amsterdam aren’t walking through clouds of tear gas or dodging rubber bullets, we can still stand with those who are.