A woman looking for her kidnapped son finds one of the men who took him.

Rural America. Christian counts the cash he just earned from a kidnapping job until he hears sounds of violence in the next room. Christian looks on in horror at the doorway, knowing the assailant on the other side is looking for him. He tries to make a run for it but Jodie, a woman soaked in his cohorts’ blood and holding a kid’s baseball bat, stops him in his tracks. She asks for her son. Christian gives her an answer she’s not satisfied with. Jodie tries reasoning with him and he challenges her back. In her last attempt, she shares a story of her son and unknowingly strikes a chord with this man. She adds her son is everything they adults were supposed to be: kind, generous, compassionate, trustworthy. She demands to know her son’s whereabouts one last time, and Christian finally tells her.