A vicious riot rips through the secure wing of a British Prison. As the violence closes in, Joyce, an inmate with a target on his back makes one final call home to impart some wisdom to his young son, and in the process is forced to confront the choices that led him there before his ‘Time’ runs out.

Directors Statement

The goal was to make a film that feels tense and claustrophobic, and explores the themes of loyalty, regret, loss and responsibility.

The aim was to keep the narrative lean and the running time tight. A brief window into a bigger picture. To tell a story that requires no exposition, but creates a sense of backstory in inference.

By forcing the viewer into the cell with our central character and never allowing them to leave again, I hoped to elicit the sense of desperation that our character feels.

I wanted to play with the pace at the front end and employ a frenetic and violent sound mix so that we could ratchet up the anxiety levels before allowing our character and the viewer some brief respite. If only for a moment.