Too Young For a Memoir // Daily Short Picks

Too Young for a Memoir

A man plunges into his reservoir of memory, nostalgia and regret. But he finds love there, and curiosity, and earnest dedication to personal expression. Stitched together with layered ink drawings, paintings, paper cutouts, collage and digital manipulation, Too Young for a Memoir lays bare the artist’s halting, anxious, misguided and[…]

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The Rizzle // Daily Short Picks

The Rizzle

Elena loves the roaring 1920s. A fondness she’ll soon regret. Director’s Statement I have a love for the Roaring 20s. The fashion. The music. The cinema. The Architecture. All of it amounts to being one of the most enchanting and gorgeous eras in modern history. Though, as much as I[…]

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Jesse's Girl // Featured Short

Jesse’s Girl

Ashley has second thoughts that come to a head during her bridal shower. The chaos crescendos to a fever pitch and Ashley takes explosive action to avoid a future she may regret. Hindsight may be 20/20, but it can’t undo past mistakes. Ashley falls victim to familial pressure and her[…]

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El Ogro // Featured Short Film


Sometimes men behave like monsters, and sometimes monsters behave like men. There’s a little bit of each in every one of us. After a lifetime in the World, we all share the same regrets. With all the swiftness that European films often offer, El Ogro certainly garnishes that charming way[…]

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The Garden || Daily Short Picks

The Garden

Nolan meets del Toro in this pictorial short. It’s Victorian England and an old man is full of regret. Having murdered his wife and unborn child, he at last learns to reflect on the past, and we journey with him to piece the black puzzle together again.

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The Story of 90 Coins || Daily Short Picks

The Story of 90 Coins

9 Yuan, perhaps can’t get you a dinner or a decent piece of clothes but it allows you to get a legal significance little red book which is a marriage certificate issued by the People’s Republic of China. ‘The story of 90 Coins’ is a character-driven true emotional love story.[…]

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Draft Eight | Daily Short Picks

Draft Eight

‘Draft Eight’ centres on an elderly author’s struggle to come to terms with his life’s regrets, as he wrestles with a character from his latest novel.

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Moments | Abby & Adam

Regret changes everything. A young woman wakes in the night to find something unexpected in her yard. The first in a series of shorts called “Moments”, that tell the stories of the fleeting but significant moments that people experience.

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I Am Stramgram – Resonance

A two part music video / short film about a man who can’t get over his regret, deciding to visit a specialised clinic in order to do something about it.

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She | Featured Short Film


Two friends look for some innocent fun on a friday night in a boring small town. When they pick up a girl on the side of road who needs help, they are quickly drawn into her nightmare! Elements of constant mystery and confusion drive this suspenseful short from Keegan Wilcox[…]

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