Where do nightmares come from?

In “How to Make a Nightmare”, nightmares are cooked up in strange underground laboratories by monsters. When one of them falls in love, things start to spiral out of control. It’s about madness, obsession, dreams, regrets, and the monsters inside us all. This film captures our creative minds with its out of the box concept and the simple exploration of nightmares.

How to Make a Nightmare was my BFA thesis film at Emerson College. I took every idea, theory, and feeling from film school and channeled it into ten minutes of crazy. I shot the live action sequences with a full crew in Boston and made the stop motion sequences in my garage. It was absolutely a labor of love.

With its general absurdity and mix of filmmaking styles including stop-motion animation, we are left intrigued by this dark and mysterious place that nightmares come from, and Noah makes us brilliantly believe that nightmares have feelings too.