Two friends look for some innocent fun on a friday night in a boring small town. When they pick up a girl on the side of road who needs help, they are quickly drawn into her nightmare!

Elements of constant mystery and confusion drive this suspenseful short from Keegan Wilcox & Kevin Marcus, unraveling an unusual situation from a simple gesture of kindness. SHE follows two friends on the cusp of adulthood as they head out for a fun evening in their small town. While the two friends argue girlfriend problems, they nearly run over a disheveled girl wandering in the road. As the friends try to help the girl, it becomes alarmingly clear She has something very wrong with her. After offering her a ride home they quickly come to regret that decision. She is angry. She wants to hurt them. And She has friends who are angry too.

Can you help her?

SHE as a short was conceived from a scene from a feature length script. Keegan and I were looking for an original story to develop and film, and the feature script of SHE quickly became a favorite of ours. We decided to adapt a scene into a stand alone short film, which can also serve as a “cliffhanger” for the feature.

The mood is set quickly with a somber cinematography, but also through an eerie and incomprehensible body language amplified with a stupendous makeup and costume design.