The Knocking // Daily Short Picks

The Knocking

A lone woman wakes up to a mysterious knocking sound and decides to investigate. Directors Statement This short film was shot in Portugal (where I’m from) in a 200 year old house that belongs to my family. The story is loosely based on an experience that my dad had when[…]

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Remote Capture // Daily Short Picks

Remote Capture

A variety of men must come to terms with their identity when a mysterious journalist shows up and asks them questions about their pasts.

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Adiaphora // Daily Short Picks


A woman is caught between her ailing father’s memories of a mechanical past and her partner’s fascination with a pulsing image of the future. A mysterious figure is haunted by the loss of his child. We follow them through a fragmented space tinged by mourning and absence, culminating in the[…]

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Howls // Daily Short Picks


A young girl goes towards a solitary cabin in the middle of the forest. As the days go by and the night approaches, she feels strangely attracted by the light, the atmosphere becomes dark and turbid, and a mysterious madness will trap her all night. Director’s Notes Howls has been[…]

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Copycat // Daily Short Picks


A seemingly hypnotized girl enters the uncharted territory of following a mysterious character through her otherworldly behaviour. Attracted to her new surreal aura she turns into a blind imitator, but soon comes face to face with the realisation that her copycat act will cost her more than her autonomy. Director’s[…]

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Skickelsen // Daily Short Picks


A mysterious old man is moving into the abandoned apartment next to Sara. Someone is now in trouble. Destiny is no matter of chance. Directors Statement I love the short film format! It’s really challenging to tell a compelling story in just a few minutes. Me and Mikael Homström set[…]

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It's About Time // Daily Short Picks

It’s About Time!

A young man’s night takes an eventful turn after a mysterious object appears in his backyard. Directors Statement The inspiration for this film stemmed from a curiosity of time travel and a simple desire to see a project through to the end. If there’s anything I’ve learned about filmmaking over[…]

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Unravel // Daily Short Picks


Mary lives a lonely and isolated existence, meticulously documenting suspicious activity in the skies. When she connects with a fellow conspiracy theorist, she struggles to open up and reveal her secret: painful and mysterious fibres growing out of her skin. Unravel is a story about conspiracies, romance, and our powerful[…]

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Skickelsen // Short Film Trailer


A mysterious old man is moving into the abandoned apartment next to Sara. Someone is now in trouble. Destiny is no matter of chance.

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The Mistress of The Forest // Daily Short Picks

The Mistress of the Forest

To meet an impossible deadline, a clueless illustrator must come face to face with his own creation: the mysterious Mistress of the Forest. Director’s Statement It started with the image of a shadowy hooded figure surrounded by trees; a female fantasy hero. And then there was Neil, the comic artist[…]

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