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Haunted by strange visions and nightmares, Clari receives a mysterious call from a long lost friend who hides a dark secret from their past.

Director’s Vision for ‘Rain, Rain, Go, Away’

With Rain, Rain we would like to move a step forward into modern body horror.

The story revolves around Clari – she is receiving her first tattoo and on the same night, she receives a mysterious call.

What happens to the mind of a person when shocking news about their past comes to the surface?
What happens when the mind cannot cope with the trauma and hides the truth behind cryptic dreams?
These are some of the questions we are trying to answer.

Rain, Rain represents the summit of my past 10 years of filmmaking. I have worked on many films and studied for a long time experimental filmmaking.
I believe this was a good time for me and my producing partner to experiment with the horror genre.

With the help of experimental VFX, we dive into the main character’s mind and swim into the realm of dreams and nightmares.

With a step back we are again in classic horror filmmaking – we are now experimenting with practical SFX and makeup depicting a horrible act of self-harm.

Ultimately, the shocking revelation – the real horror is what humans do to each other.