Redeem: The Beginning || Featured Short Film

Redeem: The Beginning

In a weak and ruling society, not far from today’s world, where people are killed simply because they are poor, a young woman named Dina is murdered. Redeem is an inspirational proof of concept film that thrives on ambition. For Swedish director Dennis Peterson, his inspirations came from seeing people[…]

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Our Deepest Fear || Daily Short Picks

Our Deepest Fear

One night during a photoshoot, I was rained out, and instead, took the brief time we had to film this short inspirational piece. I built the piece around a quote by Marianne Williamson: Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful[…]

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Manners Boxing

Boxing helped Nick Manners find his way in life so that he could turn around and help others find theirs.

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Exploration is an inspirational piece reconnecting history with the present, mainly focussing around the Apollo 11 mission of the late 1960’s. Showcasing the passion and drive man has always had to touch the stars. JFK’s famous Houston College speech serves as a motivational narration accompanied by my own footage as[…]

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Daily Short Picks | Chad Lawson

Chad Lawson

As a world-renowned pianist, Chad Lawson has spent time at the top of the Classical Billboard and iTunes charts. With his latest album, Lawson took an honest look at his career and found that being true to himself was more important than any accolade. His reflections are inspirational, brave and[…]

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82 of The Most Inspirational Shots in Short Films

82 of The Most Inspirational Cinematography Shots in Short Films

Inspired by BuzzFeed’s rampage to display history’s most beautiful cinematography shots, we decided to take a look back at the short film repertoire – and were simply blown away by beauty. Here’s a list of 80+ (in no particular order) breathtaking shots. 01 “032” – The Canadian Affair (2010) –[…]

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I Am Will

A short documentary about William Schmid who was born with only one arm. Will talks about his struggle to overcome people’s low expectations through his soccer playing and the discovery of his self-worth outside of others.

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A few years ago Kenny faced his problems head on and went sober and in doing so discovered his way forward in life.

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All The Way

Poem from Charles Bukowski turned into a cinematic poem shot in Spain. To inspire those that need a positive kick in the ass.

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The Great Abyss | Featured Short Film

The Great Abyss

Composer/Filmmaker/Artist Salomon Ligthelm has found the sole reason why he creates. His most authentic work comes from a place of surrender and service to others. The Great Abyss is a smooth and inspirational documentary, with a short but very relating message. Salomon Ligthelm is a composer and filmmaker, and he’s[…]

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