Composer/Filmmaker/Artist Salomon Ligthelm has found the sole reason why he creates. His most authentic work comes from a place of surrender and service to others.

The Great Abyss is a smooth and inspirational documentary, with a short but very relating message. Salomon Ligthelm is a composer and filmmaker, and he’s breaking the stereotype and gives artists hope in finding ways to be family people.

It’s this journey of figuring out exactly who you are and being OK with that. For me, it’s being a dad, being a husband — these are the things that are really valuable, you know? Those things are going to last longer than any project.

-Excerpt from Soloman’s interview with The Music Bed

The short doc by The Music Bed depicts this simple but powerful message in an astounding cinematic display of life’s sweetest moments. A peaceful combination of soft lighting with gorgeous highlights and slow motion photography sets this documentary apart from your regular handheld info docs, while relaying its beautiful message in a fashionably matter.

At some point you just have to let it go, not knowing if you’re going to get your gift back, or if it’s going to come back less than it was. You have to get to the point where there’s surrender. And until you do, you’re kind of trapped.

I’m trying to get to that point where I can be happy just being a dad and a husband, where my work isn’t the thing I live for. I don’t think I create my best stuff when I’m a slave to work anyway — when I’m a slave to my own creativity. Things end up getting stale. They don’t feel organic.

-Excerpt from Soloman’s interview with The Music Bed

Let this be a true inspiration to all filmmakers and artists.