Classic Betty Party // Daily Short Pick

Classic. Becky. Party.

Becky has arranged every detail for what’s supposed to be the perfect party. The food, the ambiance, the decor is all set, all that’s missing are the guests.

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Taste of Love // Featured Short Film

Taste of Love

What is the taste of love? Could it be sweet, sour, bitter or even salty? A young woman on a quest for the taste of love: Taste of Love recalls past events, the most significant sexual moments of a young woman’s life. From her first intimate touch, that sweetly lingered[…]

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Feed Her || Halloween Week Daily Short Picks

Feed Her

When new couple Erin and Jordan finally arrive at their weekend cabin getaway, Erin is dying to eat. But as she dutifully prepares their picture-perfect autumn dinner, a tasty gift left on the dining room table catches her eye. Is it a trap?

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Instinct / Reason || Daily Short Picks

Instinct / Reason

In an indeterminate time period, two women find themselves in the woods searching for food. They are faced with the options of sharing and working together or going solo in a test of moral law. The discovery of the familiar and the need to survive are tested as the question[…]

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Food For Thought | Featured Short Film

Food For Thought

A little story on how bad food can harm your health. A film that makes us cringe a little, especially with all the uncalled brutality and barbarism going lately in public places. However considering it on a cinematic level, Food For Thought has all the enticements needed in a short[…]

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Viscera is a short, multi-media film that examines the disconnect between food and source, rich and poor, and the intentional ignorance that allows exploitation to flourish. It was completed at CalArts in May 2014 as Lauren Morrison’s MFA thesis film.

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Foodfellas | Featured Short Film


An epic crime drama chronicling the rise and fall of a small time fry cook who rises to become the King of Burgers in a cutthroat fast food industry. Everyone loves a good parody film that will just make you laugh once in a while, but Reuben Guberek takes us[…]

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Juice It

A young couple attempt a 7 day juice cleanse but quickly realize it’s much more difficult than they anticipated as they pass the first 24 hours. They desperately try not to eat food by supporting and antagonizing each other.

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After an argument with his mum, Harry storms off down the road. Behind some bins, searching through scraps of food, Harry encounters a characterful, vagrant crocodile who has a thing or two to say about life on the road. The crocodile is brought to life in the form of a[…]

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No, Thank You.

“No, thank you.” is about Andy, a guy who has a phobia of food. His anxiety, disgust, and loneliness are explored in humorous and weird ways, as he tries to get over his fears with the help of Robin, a cupcake baker. Watch the film

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