A couple spends their last moments together before a nuclear bomb drops on Los Angeles. During these last hours, an opportunity arises to take a drug that will replace their depressive mood with the feeling of pure euphoria and joy.

Director’s Vision on The Day Never Dreams

I first wrote The Day Never Dreams during a period in my life where I felt like the world was at a standstill. It was the middle of the pandemic—I was alone in my apartment, with only the thoughts in my head to interact with. The end of a relationship in my life personalized and colored the apocalyptic state of our planet. But as the days, weeks, and months went on, I soon realized that a beautiful new world awaited—distant, but tangible. This film is a tribute to the possibility of serenity in light of the tenuous state of our existence. As I write, the world is at the highest nuclear alert level since the Cuban Missile Crisis in 1962. Empathy, love, and reason must prevail.