Married couple Monica and Jeremy attend their exclusive club’s annual party, where each year the guest count has decreased by one. But when one-too-many guests arrive, it quickly becomes clear that somebody is not going to make it through the night.

A darkly comedic thriller that examines the cut-throat nature of the society we live in, and the personalities that thrive in it.

Director’s Vision

It all started as a meditation on what it feels like to get older and lose friends—to distance, children, politics, or death. I thought: what if a shrinking and shifting friend group, with its string of “little deaths,” could be turned into a story about friends meticulously and thoughtfully killing each other? As I expanded the world, I realized I could also use this framework to unpack my anger at the cutthroat ideology of American capitalism, which rewards psychopathic behavior and creates the kind of wealth that corrodes and corrupts.

Since there are so many layers to the script, my co-director and I wanted to make a film that rewards rewatching; one that first immerses you in a world with its own rules, and then allows observant, curious viewers to put the pieces together. Stylistically, we wielded our camera as our characters wield their weapons: in pursuit of control. We start with balletic simple moves that are punctuated by rhythmic, syncopated entrances. Once things start going off the rails, we literally go off the rails of the dolly and into handheld as the characters try to figure out what’s going on.