FLWRS // Daily Short Picks


FLWRS (2019) is a short film that addresses our universal need to find meaningful connection. To connect with the outside world we must first connect with ourselves. Director’s Statement The need to connect is universal and integral to our well-being. How we connect differs circumstantially, but fundamentally remains to be[…]

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FOMI fear of missing in // Featured Short

FOMI (fear of missing in)

Exploring the lost connection with the inner self and the lack of solitude caused by all the modern world’s social pressures and overuse of social media ‘Fear of Missing In’ reverses the popular slang FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) and puts the focus on a journey that goes inwards, towards[…]

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FOMI // Short Film Trailer

FOMI (Fear of Missing In)

FOMI is an experimental short film that explores the lost connection with the inner self and the lack of solitude caused by all the modern world’s social pressures and overuse of social media. Premiering May 20th.

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Donoma // Featured Short


A story about overcoming fear with courage and the transcendent quality of Native American rituals DONOMA digs into a realm of mysticism and its unique connection with nature and the cosmos. We find ourselves following a young boy on his vision quest to exit the youth and find power within[…]

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Node 2018 // Daily Short Picks

Node 2018: Explore, Connect, Create

Substance created the titles for Node2018 to explore the idea of connection, through a cinematic narrative. We developed the tagline: “Explore, Connect, Create” as a summary of what Node meant to us, and described this visually through the journey of the Explorer. Each stage of the unidentified pioneer’s odyssey is[…]

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Reception // Featured Short Film


Two strangers trying to avoid the crowd at a wedding reception end up making an unexpected connection. Hitting it off with someone doesn’t usually happen in a snappy scene, it’s rather often an up and down ramble of awkward conversations that culminate into a spark of common interests. Joe Gillette’s[…]

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Ella // Daily Short Picks


Left behind by the same loved one, two Asian American youth search for connection in their small Midwestern town. Director’s Statement The story was based on my experience trying to fit in when I was young, and I threw a friend of mine under the bus during some lunch table[…]

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Connection // Daily Short Picks


Sam likes to keep his options open, stomping all over the line between hopeless and romantic. The online world offers a dizzying array of possible hookups and dalliance, but running late and double booked will Sam ever make a connection amongst such pixelated perfection? Maybe he should have just stayed[…]

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Missed Connection // Daily Short Picks

Missed Connection

After one girl drops her phone in the toilet, she must work to get it back on so she doesn’t lose the connection of a lifetime. Director’s Statement I made this to heighten the idea that we put so much pressure on obtaining a potential partner and as a result[…]

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Submerged // Crowdfunding Pick


We follow Eden, a freelance animator and grieving daughter, who refuses to accept the death of her mother. Eden’s coping mechanism is to submerge herself underwater, where she believes she is still connected to her. In reality, refusing to accept her depression or help from her childhood friend Miles. Eden[…]

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