Two men who are both in search of connection meet on a dating app expecting very different things. Throughout the night, they find that maybe they are looking for the same thing after all.

Director’s Vision

Those people was the result of three years of off and on rewrites that felt like journal entries turned into a narrative. It was something I wasn’t ready to write when I started it. I hadn’t lived enough life. So after a few years and more and more encounters, I was finally able to narrow down how I felt. This turned into a much more romanticized version of anything I’ve experienced, almost like a Grindr fairytale, no matter how much of an oxymoron that can sound like.

Connection is something we’re all looking for in life. I think it can get harder as we get older, and once you hit your mid 20’s everything becomes existential. You’re told over and over that there’s something wrong with you if you haven’t already fallen in love or gotten married, and it can make you question if there’s something wrong with you. As if you’re faulty. I think that’s something anyone can relate to, and in a way this film was my way of connecting to others and hoping they’ll feel seen and heard by it.

Trying to blend narrative and docu style filmmaking and being a fly on the wall of a moment in time of someone’s life is something I’m very interested in and thought this was a good story to tell that way, and I hope others can relate to and enjoy watching these two.