“The Game You Play” is a captivating experimental documentary that delves into the fascinating connection between human behavior and psychological theories. The film features a mysterious Magician who interacts with subjects, visually representing these theories through captivating performances. Interspersed with fast-paced archive footage, the documentary creates a subtle feeling of anxiety, prompting viewers to question their own involvement in life’s mind games. Additionally, two mesmerizing choreography performances based on an interview with psychiatrist Lucy Power offer insightful breakdowns of common human games and the motivations behind them. This thought-provoking documentary leaves audiences reflecting on their own roles in the intricate world of human behavior.

Director’s Vision for ‘The Game You Play’

“The Game You Play” is a captivating blend, somewhere between an explorative documentary and an experimental short film, drawing inspiration from the ingenious Adam Curtis. The spark for this film ignited while I immersed myself in Dr. Eric Berne’s “Games People Play” book. Back during my MetFilm days, a documentary pitch was on the docket, and I felt compelled to deviate from the standard dramatic style. The result? A fusion of fictional elements reminiscent of nostalgic TV shows and cherished childhood videos.

Our dialogue with Lucy Power, a therapeutic coach, added depth to the project. With her insights, we delved into the intricacies of two common psychological games: “Kick me” and “I’ve got you, son of a b*tch.” These discussions spurred the creation of two performances, developed collaboratively with dancers, to explore these phenomena.

“The Game You Play” serves as a vehicle to explore a psychological theory on human behavior within society. It prompts reflection on our shared tendency to engage in subtle maneuvers and manipulations, all in the pursuit of attention. This dynamic, observable both in our interactions and within ourselves, often leads to confusion and strained connections. The film aims to catalyze introspection, encouraging viewers to recognize their emotional authenticity and move away from destructive games that undermine genuine connections.

“The Game You Play” – it’s a journey through the psychological theory on human behavior within society. We’re all guilty of those little attention-seeking tricks and mind games that break into our relationships. Personally, i see it all the time around myself and even in myself. However, these “games” don’t help you but make your relationship with yourself and others unhealthy and lead to strained connections. Our film aims to encouraging viewers to recognize their real emotions. It is a wake-up call for people to get present and quit playing games that gradually destroy their lives.