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When Rachel, a neurotic aspiring artist, discovers her new friend is a prominent curator, she becomes obsessed with exploiting the connection.

Director’s Vision for ‘An Opening’

To be an artist, all you need to do is say you’re one. It’s like a magic trick. Sure you should also probably make some art, but the harder thing really is just to say it—at least for us. We set out to make a film that explored the insecurity of claiming our own self image – the despair we felt making claims at who we are. An artist. A filmmaker. An Actor. A writer. A director.

We hope AN OPENING—a short that explores this difficulty for Rachel, an aspiring ceramicist who has trouble saying what she does—will make you laugh, too, and cringe, and remind you that sometimes the easiest things in theory are the hardest in practice. Sometimes our biggest obstacles are ourselves.