The Clerk and the Cocksman // First Read Radio

The Clerk and the Cocksman

The Clerk and the Cocksman // First Read Radio

Turning short films scripts into radio plays! First Read Radio is a beefed up table read professionally recorded with voice actors and sound designed by a team of top-notch audiophiles all while under the direction of an experienced storytelling team.

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One man needs to get out of his slump with the ladies but the headquarters of his mind fall into chaos and the only one that can stop a dangerous coup is the lone neuron from the mail room.


Written by: Nick Coleman
Directed by: Gary Jones
Sound Supervisor and Editor: Ryan Gottshall
Produced by: Awfully Good Media


Narrator: Rayne Potter
Steve: Kyle Brady
Agent Cocksman: Sean Crampton
Wernicke: Brian Lally
Brent: Connor Green
Todd: William Gabriel Grier
Boca: Jeffrey Oliphant

Recorded at Spacewalk Sound

Jelly Brain // Daily Pick

Jelly Brain

Director Kieran Nolan Jones expresses the shared familial horror of a life changing injury in his deeply personal documentary ‘Jelly Brain’.

The Brain and You // Daily Short Pick

The Brain and You

An oblivious New Yorker goes for a leisurely stroll through downtown, completely immersed in his podcast “The Brain and You”. The podcast discusses the mental health of the president and the Dunning-Kruger effect, the psychology of confident people who lack the ability to see their own shortcomings. The man perpetually cuts himself off from the noise of the outside world until, eventually, the outside world comes back to burst his bubble.

Little Brain Surgeries // Short Film Trailer

Little Brain Surgeries

Plastic surgeries on the brain are a new trend of the rich. A certain permanent alteration breaks the blockage between conscious and unconscious minds thus allowing a person access to full capacity of the brain. Maria Morales is one of the lucky ones to go through this procedure. But no one knows what lies in their unconsciousness.

Annulus // Short Film Trailer


When Cal's parents stop paying for the care of his brain dead sister, he ends up living with an odd roommate. It's not long before he realizes his sister's interest in the universe wasn't unreasonable.

Lullaby Theories: A Secret Message // Daily Short Picks

Lullaby Theories: A Secret Message

When we feel pain, there’s a complex conversation going on between the brain and the body. But we don’t feel pain until the brain interprets these 'secret messages,' evaluates the danger, and determines how much pain we should feel.

With the help of science, we may have some control over the amount of pain we feel. "The gate control theory of pain asserts that non-painful input closes the 'gates' to painful input, which prevents pain sensation from traveling to the central nervous system. Therefore, stimulation by non-noxious input is able to suppress pain." -

In this Lullaby Theories episode, "A Secret Message," four year old twins, Sophia and Lucy discuss pain, the gate control theory, and some ideas to reduce pain with their mother. In doing so, they discover that sometimes it's as simple as 'happy life, happy finger.'

Encounters / Daily Short Picks


A boy was born in a wrinkle between the waves of light and dark. His brain became stuck there, his eyes changed color. This is what his filter makes him see.

The Cloud // Daily Short Picks

The Cloud

Mike is trapped in an elevator. His only solution is “The Cloud” an Operating System Phone which saves a copy of his brain.

The Strapless Brain || Daily Short Picks

The Strapless Brain

Ostracized by the world outside his doors, our everyday man has given up hope of finding any meaningful place in society. But, his trusty AI enabled Rubber Ducky has a different idea.

The Rubber Ducky promises total liberation from the monotony of his inside world with the help of a VR device. This amazing new technology replaces our hero’s brain with a new, “strapless” one, and allows him to explore countless worlds at the turn of a dial. The line between virtual reality and lived experience blurs as our hero wanders through his new kaleidoscopic reality. At last, our hero finds happy and liberation - at a very high price.

The Upper Story || Daily Short Picks

The Upper Story

The Upper Story is a mind-tickling short about a tireless guard and his small
but demanding duty.

After watching try to not ask yourself: "Whats going round in YOUR head?"

Gage | Daily Short Picks


In 1848, Phineas Gage suffers an unspeakable brain injury when a tamping rod plunges through his skull, causing dramatic shifts in his personality. His physician Dr Harlow watches over his recovery and must choose whether or not to fight for this outcasts place in the local community.


The human brain is capable of activity for some time after we die.
These moments of revival are devoted to memories, regardless of who we are and where we end up.

Jiminy | Featured Short Film


​A cricket repair man, is faced with a moral dilemma when the parents of an autistic boy ask him to hack into the chip of their son.

We've been impatiently waiting to see this film reach the online world since we've seen it win the prize at the Montreal Fantasia Festival in 2014, along with it the film gathered 13 other awards in festivals around the world. 'Jiminy' is a film that takes place in the near future, where most people get a “cricket” implanted in their brains : an electronic chip which allows them to switch to an “automatic mode” whenever they wish to. Nathanaël, a cricket repair man, is faced with a moral dilemma when the parents of an autistic boy ask him to hack into the chip of their son.

The science-fiction stories are often about Robots who want to become Humans (Blade Runner, A.I., etc.). But in Jiminy, Humans want to become Robots.

I had the idea of the pitch while reading an account of a scientific experiment. In May 2002, scientists from New York University have set a chip in the brain of a rat. This chip allowed them to control the movements of the rat thanks to a mecanism of direction. My co-writer Teddy Jacquier and I have imagined what would happen if people have this kind of chip in their brain in the future…

Jiminy captures the mind in an excruciating but elegant way, where we quickly see the benefits and side effects of the chips that will inevitably one day be implanted in most of us.


For three weeks, I wrote down any thought, image or memory that gave me a tingly feeling. I animated the list, and what it accidentally became was a stream-of-consciousness trek through my life.

This is the trailer to my brain.

Music by

Hell on Earth

Crack open our brains and this is what spews out. Take a trip into the weird, wonderful and sometimes disturbing minds of HELL ON EARTH. Void of any plot or structure, the short is filled with unsettling, disturbing imagery, for those looking for something dark and creepy.