The Clerk and the Cocksman // First Read Radio

Turning short films scripts into radio plays! First Read Radio is a beefed up table read professionally recorded with voice actors and sound designed by a team of top-notch audiophiles all while under the direction of an experienced storytelling team.

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One man needs to get out of his slump with the ladies but the headquarters of his mind fall into chaos and the only one that can stop a dangerous coup is the lone neuron from the mail room.


Written by: Nick Coleman
Directed by: Gary Jones
Sound Supervisor and Editor: Ryan Gottshall
Produced by: Awfully Good Media


Narrator: Rayne Potter
Steve: Kyle Brady
Agent Cocksman: Sean Crampton
Wernicke: Brian Lally
Brent: Connor Green
Todd: William Gabriel Grier
Boca: Jeffrey Oliphant

Recorded at Spacewalk Sound