They hold each other briefly and don’t know quite how to move on from it.

Ornana has gotten us used to fast pace and edgy animations over the last few years with their incredibly creative films like ‘Notes on (biology)‘, ‘Through The Sand‘ and their most recent ‘All of Your Favorite Shows‘. But they’ve also caught our ears with a particular full length film ‘euphonia‘. ‘A Different Kind of Movement’ sets in more in the tone of the latter.

The entire process was a little unusual, very intimate. The writing process was done in pen, at coffee shops, with Danny and I passing a notebook back and forth, kind of challenging each other to get a little closer to the bone, to find the history for that moment in the end where they hold each other briefly and don’t know quite how to move on from it. The story builds that way–lyricism is the image of truth that we have no context for, yet. Youth can make you cruel in that search. There’s an exploration in the film that could almost stand as a more formal apology.

There is something exceptionally real in ‘A Different Kind of Movement’, and like ‘euphonia’ much comes from the detailing like pauses between words, and the number of breaths taken before each question is answered. This level of affective detailing can only come from a united production team that fully understand and embrace what they are creating, something that Danny and Ben certainly had on set.

The production was unbelievable, a real gift from the cast and the crew. Most of us were staying in the living room of the main actor, Ben Stanton. The schedule was perfect because everything was shot so late in the day. I’d make a big family dinner each night for whoever was going to be involved that day, and we’d find the right energy for the couple of scenes that we shot each night. There’s such an amazing experience that happens when everyone on set has that level of comfort and support. I really think that shows up in the film. The whole team was so generous with their time, talent, and spirit.

If there’s one thing that Ornana excels in, besides exceptional animation and stellar cinematography, it’s the ability to bring the sound design to another level.