We all do things we regret, things we want to erase, forget, change

Created on almost no budget, Call Back is a quick and effective film that captures us inside a brief moment of regret, where our our protagonist tries to figure out how he got into his dreaded predicament.

We created the short in our spare time with almost no budget. The spark that generated this idea was the opening image; a guy sitting on the edge of a motel bed surrounded by dead bodies. The concept comes from exploring the idea of addiction and regret, and how connected these two sometimes are.

The opening image is definitely what this film is all about, placing us in the middle of a bad, or really bad situation right from the beginning. But when things turn a little sci-fi, we never lose track of the moral feelings of the story, which is in this case what makes the film so impactful.

The rest just pulls the film together magnificently; the shots, timing, cinematography, acting and audio, all collaborate to make this short film an immersive and awesome experience!