People with sensitive perception need longer to process what they have experienced and need more rest and time for themselves. Even if this perception is a challenge in life, for many it is also a gift and helps people to express themselves. Your mind must be yours.
This story follows the journey of an artist as she navigates her own psyche in dealing with rediscovering the birth of her inspiration. Through a negative mental spiral, she emerges with the realization that while performance for others is necessary, performance for herself has the power to take the mind on a journey all its own. This is a story of rediscovering authenticity and purpose within oneself.

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Director’s Vision for ‘My Mind’

The question of the utility of passion hangs right next to an even bigger question: Can you develop passion and feel emotions? Are we willing to sacrifice for or surrender to the desires that fill our lives, and does that choice create deeper meaning? I want this film to be used as a tool for others to share and talk about their passion and struggle to get where they want to be. This film may be experimental but the stories it originates from are not. They are real. These issues are real. Let’s dive head-first into these conversations.

I find it fascinating to see the ways that each of us approach and resolve these questions in our own lives. For me as an editor, it was a joy to bring together two of my own passions, connecting people and planning, in a project that I am very grateful to have made with the support of this amazing crew. It’s a rare joy to have the freedom and the means to explore an idea and bring it to life without the demands of a brand or a client to steer the ship. Thanks.
This project was shot on Kodak 16mm and Super8.