SFREGIATO – Scarred Wounds
/w Carmine Antonio Iacolare

“Sfregiato” is a visual expression of the thoughts and themes of artist Carmine Antonio Iacolare. Divided into three main chapters, “la cicatrice” (the scar), “la ferita” (the wound) and “la guarigione” (the healing), the film evokes the intense pain of wounds that never heal. The tingling on the surface of the scar. The pain that carves uninvited through the consciousness. The restless agony, screaming from deep within oneself. The unrelenting struggle, trying to find respite, however temporary. The urge to attain lightness and relief in healing. Being forced to return to memories culpable for the wound, memories that would rather be left alone.

Integrity is an illusion. There is no such thing as invulnerability. Our character is shaped by our wounds.

The film combines the aesthetic of artist Carmine Iacolare with the avant-garde fashion realm of Ann Demeulemeester.

Carmine Antonio Iacolare, who is of Italian and Austrian descent, is a young visual artist now living in Antwerp. His work, be it his paintings worked with protective materials, his dry-point etchings, collages or his experimental black-and-white analogue photography, the metamorphosis that he strives for, cannot be overlooked. This constant movement, this uneasiness, is brought into relief in his performances, with the artist’s flesh and blood acting as the work itself, as he addresses topics, asking questions of the audience and engages with the physical world beyond the white gallery walls.

Film shot on 16mm Kodak Vision Film.


Written by Dominik Leingartner
Cinematography by Samuel Emmer
Produced by killyourdarlings & Allegra Isenberg
Based on the art of Carmine Antonio Iacolare