An older couple on a first date at the art museum explores love both new and old

We may be the first ones to shout out that a film needs “more pace” or more “dynamic progression”. But Kieran Thompson’s (Between The Lines) ‘Wish You Were There’ certainly challenges (and brilliantly succeeds) what we typically like to look for in films. The film will not captivate you in the first instances, but it subtly earns your trust as you tenderly progress. We follow an elderly couple on a first date at the art museum, who explore love both new and old. The short was made in partnership with Phoenix Art Museum to celebrate their 60th anniversary.

Wish You Were There - Still

The Museum had their goal of telling stories that could take place in the galleries while highlighting people that are often overlooked. But they gave us so much creative freedom that it really felt like Wish You Were There was a personal passion project. We began with a brilliant script from Chris Heck, and from there, I was able to put my heart and soul into it. We were able to make something we’re really proud of, with a very specific voice and intention.

Read the full Q&A the museum did with director Kieran Thompson.

Wish You Were There - Still1

So what is it about this slow-paced film that really got us intrigued? It’s hard to pin-point, but there is just something special about the direction. And most importantly how it spills a great deal of trust on the viewer. With smart and cultured dialogues, ‘Wish You Were There’ comes with some highs and lows of a particular “first date”. The cast duo of Christine Kellogg-Darrin and Elester Latham brilliantly encompass the spirit and intentions of the film to really take the experience to a new height.