In the foggy, twilight, arctic, dead of winter of Quebec City, Mitch’s life takes a turn after unwittingly stumbling upon the world of underground wrestling.

Director David Finlay (Air, You Know Where You Belong) adds a new piece to our Films du Québec selection, as he takes us to the cold winters of Québec City. ‘Found Me’ gives us an unexpected sense of new discovery that we experience together with the main character. The film holds a unique and snappy story progression, similar to what we are used to seeing in music videos. But the small narrative gaps gives the film the additional element of surprise, which makes it so enjoyable.

I discovered this wrestling community in my hometown of Quebec City about 2 years ago and was astounded. I couldn’t believe this existed in my town and the energy was so electric. With that, was totally taken. That was the beginning. Then I’d always known my friend Mitch could be such a good actor but he’d never done it before. I felt he, in that universe, could be really interesting. Then a year after that, a year ago, my favourite band ‘Men I Trust‘ released a new album on which I heard the song Found Me. I sort of became obsessed with it and that’s where it all clicked. Set against the dark, gloomy and frigid winter of Quebec, I wanted to convey every person’s need to realize themselves. To reach their full transcendent self – however big, small, normal or totally bizarre their desire for self-expression may be.