A man writes what seem to be his last words, but what only he and nobody else knows is that the destiny and its final are already written

We usually feature high level production short films, but once in a while we like to remind people, and especially younger filmmakers, that a lot can be made with very little.

I had it in my mind so clearly that when we shot it the things came out pretty easily. I was 18 years old then. Pretty much i didn’ know much things about making movies but I did it anyway with a lot of passion and love of cinema.

Last Words is a perfect example, shot with no budget, one light, one director and one actor, all brought together by a strong storyline with its share of turning points. We can argue that the film lacks in lighting and cinematography esthetics, but as an 18 year old first year film student, Patricio Nomdedeu proved that only passion is needed to make a film stand out. Although shot only in one location, the subtle camera movements and pans were enough to convey the film’s message of solitude and emptiness.

We shot it in one night (twelve hours) and edited in one week. It was just me and my friend actor. No one else. I didn’t have money to film it. So I tried to do it the simplest way possible. So I came out with an idea of one character, one location, one light, one everything, and that way we did it. I think it came out pretty well.

Patricio had one simple but powerful message to tell from his short film:

Maybe it’s time to let go some things that are hurting you. It’s painful, I know it, but that’s the only way you can finally smile


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