When Stanley Franks visits his doctor, he’s told he only has 1500 Words left to live.

How do you tell your wife you have 1500 words left to live? This is the crazy idea that came from James Menzies university work, which friend Andrew Chaplin decided to turn the short story into a film. 1500 Words is the dark and comedic tale of one man’s struggle to keep himself and his relationship alive whilst saying as little as possible.

What will he say next? Are some words more important than others? How will he break the news to his girlfriend?

1500 Words is a passion project between friends Andrew Chaplin (director) and James Menzies (writer). The original idea was part of James’ university coursework, and one evening over a beer in a pub, they decided they had to turn James’ short story into a film. Both plying their trade in the UK television industry, they drew on their work contacts to help make the film, and without everyone’s generosity it would not have been possible.

The idea is wide and slightly absurd, but it quickly gets you thinking to what you would be saying if you were in the same situation, which turns into an affective way to keep the audience’s attention. Everything else is just as great as well, where Marcus Garvey says his chosen words just right as the main protagonist and the comedic direction is well punned and timed.