In a distinctive dystopian future, humans utterly depend on health-care and technology to withstand the deteriorating climate

The future never looks so bright in science fiction films. Greg Jonkajtys‘ film is no different, where we are set against a polluted, megalopolis world. We follow the tragic tale of Jeffrey Brief (Rodrigo Lopresti); Faced with the imminent loss of his crucial health insurance, Brief unwittingly unravels a dark truth behind his insurance company. He is subsequently pushed to unspeakable lengths in an attempt for survival.

The 3rd Letter’s effectiveness comes from it’s setting and grueling atmosphere. Director Grzegorz Jonkajtys marvelously creates this uneasy world not only by set design, but also from camera placements and movements. Surprisingly, this is Greg’s first live action film, but after watching his previous animated shorts and also featuring his incredible and memorable “Ark” on Film Shortage, we can’t say there is much surprise that Greg has an eye for remarkable cinematography.

I have been a fan of sci fi since my childhood, I think it gives opportunity for greater human metaphor and for beautiful creative imagery.

Greg wanted to tell a small dramatic story, set in a wider dystopian universe. A story with more unconventional, open-ended ending, that poses the inevitable question directly to the viewer – “what would you do in that situation?”