John’s going to Say Yes to everything today… no matter what

John, broken-hearted and down on his luck, sets out for the day on a mission to SAY YES to whatever life offers him. After accepting a bag of lemons, one thing leads to another, and John parades around naked in a stranger’s home. Mistaken identities and miscommunications lead John to be caught in the middle of Fred and Denise’s marriage – both literally and… even more literally.

This film is based on two true stories that happened to me. One involves a failed open relationship, the other a naked celebrity. To me the film is about the hopeful power of saying Yes… and how life can get weird.

Director Jeff Jenkins got a bag of lemons and decided to get really creative it with. ‘The Lemon Tree’ may not have the most glorifying or the most romantic storyline, but it certainly holds it spin on originality and fun. More than anything, the film delivers fantastic comedic timings and a storyline that can lead in any direction at any time.