Faced with immanent death, Teddy is forced to break free from an underground prison to save the love of his life and escape the cult that brought him there.

The Unbeliever is a classic tale of a man on the run, following his chase to freedom through the horrors that await him hidden in the dark southern landscape. Will Holland’s tale thrills us from the first moments placing us deep in an unanswered situation, and chills the suspense through the almost silent entire film.

Coming from commercials and music videos, I’ve been writing and planning on making a narrative for some time now. Eventually, I came to this small image of a man escaping from a grave. From there, the project progressed to what we have today. And it didn’t come easy. I did everything from funding the project to moving couches into trailer houses to digging the holes in the ground. It was a pure project of passion.

Constantly on the edge, great attention and obvious effort was given to keep the suspense grounded, but the strong production values all around help to keep the thriving storyline alive.

Overall, I hope you walk away effected by the southern religious undertones the short presents. I pulled from a lot of personal turmoil in my past to create that dread that our lead character runs from. And of course, I hope you enjoy the ride. What’s more fun to watch than a man on the run?