When marine wildlife suffer the pollution surrounding it, the rules of survival change…

We’ve had ‘Hybrids’ on our radar for a couple years, having disappeared from the online circuit for a successful festival run, we are thrilled to have it back online. And it’s never too late to showcase a remarkable film. ‘Hybrids’ is an animated film created by five graduates from MOPA in Arles, France. An idea that stemmed from Romain Thirion’s diving experiences, where year after year they kept noticing more and more ocean trash accumulating.

Set in a near future, wildlife has adapted to the new reality of the surrounding oceans. While the animation quality standards are quite exemplary, it’s the film’s character design that truly give this animated short its unique edge. From a BMW-Hybrid killer shark to a casserole tortoise, this new unforgiving world will leave you in awe. More importantly, it will leave a lasting impression and hopefully lead to more actions concerning the states of our oceans.

The first big challenge was to define the right characters and find the right animals to create archetypal characters. We then found the ideas for different sequences involving those creatures.

For the technical pipeline, we did most of the models in ZBrush and Maya, textured them in Substance Painter, and did the render in Arnold in Maya. We also used Golaem for the crowd, Houdini for the FX and Nuke for the compositing.

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Watch the intriguing making of ‘Hybrids’