An experiment on the telling of an emotion through a modern tragedy. Catching the inside of a moment.

Someday, You’ll Remember Today is a short film that captures a tragic moment in time in a couple’s life. Put in evidence right from the first scene where you are introduced to a character in a misty room with a bunch of floating objects around him.

The dreamy atmosphere quickly puts us in a state of suspension and activates our brain to immediately start looking for answers. But instead we joyfully have to wait answers as we submerge into a flashback of the couple’s unstable relationship.

It is an experiment on the telling of an emotion with no clear beginning or end. You’re dropped into the middle of a melancholy scene with no real exposition, leaving your mind free to wander.

Director Benjamin J. Disinger based his film on a epiphany he had a few summers back, that still photography is the only medium that has no beginning or end.

It’s simply a snapshot of a moment. The artist can, and will, have several different thoughts and emotions that affect the finished product. Photography doesn’t necessarily have to adhere to these rules. I took that idea and developed the film around it.

Take a look at Benjamin’s upcoming short film, Dust, coming out this spring.