A psychological mystery thriller about a talented, yet troubled soul, who risks everything to preserve the memories of the woman he loves after she is gone through the use of future tech.

Young and troubled soul, Bastian, lives to save the woman he loves, Ana, from a brain cancer through the the use of a medical future tech, known as E.C.K.O. Hyper focused and determined, reality blends from memory and present. The lives involved will forever be changed – no matter the cost. ‘Remember The Sun’ is an 80’s inspired cyberpunk film with some little updates made on the future’s tech. Shaped by the vision of Tim C. Szabics over the span of 10 years, who blended his love for revolutionary science fiction authors like Philip K. Dick, William Gibson and Ray Bradbury.

Much like the story and theme of RTS, you never really know what people are capable once the ball is set in motion – with deadlines. We only had 2 days to shoot the film, an luckily, we had amazing talent behind and in front of the camera. Working with actors that are prepared, professional, and most importantly, passionate – made this production an absolute dream. At the end of it all, we became a family.

From start to finish, I wanted to create something that made the viewer think a bit. There are sprinkles all throughout the film that – should the viewer feel the need to dissect – the puzzle pieces are there. It’s also meant to invoke conversation after it’s viewed. There are so many films out that hand feed the audience it’s meaning, and there’s nothing wrong with that, but the films I like are the stories that inspire in-depth thought. The stories that have deep personal meaning and create an experience.

10 years ago I ran across an article that dealt with how microchips could be “grown organically” instead of manufactured. And I thought blending the organic and mechanical nature of technology was an extremely interesting topic to tackle. What would the politics be like around that? How would human nature affect the trajectory of this technology. There is such a rich universe that came to light, as if the story already happened and I’m just trying to write as it’s being told to me. I sometimes feel like an investigative reporter trying to piece together this puzzle.

On the technical side, Remember The Sun is a self-funded short film that was shot over the course of 2 days and completed Post Production in 3 months. With the bulk of the film shot in 4k on a Sony FS7 and down-scaled to 2k for final output. Writer/Director Tim C. Szabics also took on the task to complete close to 60+ VFX shots all composited inside Adobe After Effects. With an extremely tight schedule, minimal budget and small crew, the film exceeded all expectation.