​In a post nuclear era where owning books is a felony and the intellectual community is persecuted, a group of scientists is trying in vain to find a way to save the world. A Professor’s assistant will be called upon to make the most difficult decision of his life.

Writers often take the liberty to write fiction for the future and present, but why not take on a fictional tale in the past. Greek filmmaker Akis Polizos took on that very challenge with his film ‘Amendment 10/60’, where the story takes place in a world a little different from our own; an alternative reality. In this parallel universe history took a different course.

The movie started out as a “proof of Concept” kind of film and our goal was eventually to turn it into feature film. The story was inspired by science fiction novels of the 50’s such as Bradburry’s Fahrenheit 451 and Orwells 1984.

The film pays tribute to the fictional past with a spectacular display of overall design work on production, including lighting a set design which set layers of depth and ambiance to really incorporate the viewers within the experience.