A group of bored teens searching for a little excitement in a small French Canadian village inadvertently cause a dramatic event that forever changes the course of the entire town.

Based on a true story, ‘Le Village’ digs into small town roots and displays the vigorous effects of everyone knowing everything. Marcel Simoneau found the right recipe involving a dramatic case, keeping the original intents and elements of the events to be true to their nature; of kids just being kids.

It’s based on a true story a friend told me. It was an opportunity for me to shoot in my home town of Luceville, Québec. I always wanted to shoot a film there en Québécois and work with kids. I was really interested in the difference of an act committed in a small town VS a large one. How everyone knows everything about everything in a small town, but how in a large city one is invisible. Having grown up in Luceville and now living in New York City, I found this interesting to explore. I was inspired by the Sweet hereafter and Stand by me.

As sad and shocking as the story comes to be, Marcel keeps things aloof for the most part, keeping the integrity of the situation from children’s point of view. The cinematography in ‘Le Village’ is simple, but smooth and extremely effective in depicting the small village life, with its wide and extended shots. Well done Marcel and team and entire cast.