A frustrated young man under the influence of a supernatural presence, ventures out into the streets and confronts the darkness in himself.

If you grew up in the 80s ‘Street Spirit’ will certainly have a familiar feel, while thriving on the mysterious, the film runs on a nostalgic beat. Director Bailey Tom Bailey creatively measures our patience with a splendid tone and a rather ambiguous storyline.

Street Spirit came from the Oxford Road, Reading; my home town and a place filled with crime and fear. There was always something going on and growing up there it felt like you were predestined to get into bad things, its sucked you in and brought the worst out in you, like the place mutated them somehow. I pictured this black ooze coming through the pavement, infecting them and manifest this idea in the supernatural elements of the film.

Perhaps on the darker side of the supernatural films we are used to watching, there is certainly a different but refreshing sense to this film. Although repetitive, the soundtrack does exactly what it needs to do in sending chills through our bones – as the narrative sets the many questions through our minds.