An anxiety-ridden high school girl is faced with the challenge of giving a class presentation.

The anxiety is real in Danielle Kampf’s proof of concept film ‘Presentation’, where a young girl is faced with the challenge of giving a class presentation. We’ve all been there and all went through the jittery hands in front of the classroom, but some struggle to handle anxiety much more than others. And it’s in this very real issue that thousands of young students suffer from each year that Danielle is capable of pinpointing the misconception from professionals, family and friends. The film brilliantly captures the insecurities of a young teenager and the struggle to deal with anxieties.

Presentation was originally written as a 60 page dramedy pilot in my junior year of college and then filmed as a proof of concept for my thesis film as a senior. I hope to one day bring it to life again in a form longer than 12 minutes. Whether that be a feature or back to the original idea of a pilot. I think the story can be molded into either.

The film stars Emily Rey who magnificently portrays the struggling teenager. She neatly found the right path the sad dramatic situation and the lighthearted comical remarks on the absurdities surrounding her. Constantly crying out for help, but often being easily brushed off – Sounds like every is always against you as a teenager.