Stuck at the office working overtime, Ralph must race home before nightfall… or his terrible secret will be let loose.

If your planning on working overtime this week, this will make you change your mind. Might also teach you to keep a safe distance to someone who’s been working long hours. Craig D. Foster introduces a rather unique circumstance with a set stereotypical situations. The results is a fun, twisting and killer suspense packed with punchy


My co-writer Emma had wanted to tackle werewolves for quite some time. We have both worked office jobs and have both had excessively social friends. We felt that focusing on a mature werewolf was more interesting than doing an origin story. It allowed us to ask how Ralph might manage the curse whilst trying to live a normal life.

Lead by Aaron Glenane, the cast rises to the perfect tension points to keep the film suspenseful, yet still relievingly comical. A simple but dynamic storyline keeps the audience on edge, and the handful of metaphors are formidably placed without being too cryptic, making it a rather enjoyable watch.