When two friends go to see a friends play, they soon realize just how terrifying supporting the arts can be.

Telling the truth can sometimes be hazardous. ‘A Play‘ goes head-on into the awkwardness of two friends who witness their friend’s horrible play. The result is enchantingly relatable, until things get extremely, very extremely out of hands. The film was written by Paul Witten, Sean Wing and Mara Marini, who also star in the film, and directed by Nino Mancuso – who also directed the hilarious ‘I Know Jake Gyllenhaal is Going to Fuck My Girlfriend‘ – also starring Sean Wing.

We (the writers) attend a lot of theater in LA. Some are less than stellar, and we thought it would be a relatable topic for a lot of people. But also as a love letter to theater we wanted to take the perspective that one man or womans bad play is another man or womans great play.

Much like their previous film ‘I Know Jake..‘, this film heavily relies on the actor’s capabilities to delivery timely expressions, which are often awkward and uncomfortable – yet delivered in a refreshingly funny way. The short also holds a phenomenal supporting cast like Mara Marini, Derek Phillips, and most notably a surprise cameo by Jane Lynch.