Director Thibaut Duverneix makes a visual take on a relationship with an expiry date. The video expresses what happens at the end of this four weeks. It reveals the pain of letting someone into your life then letting them go on purpose. The sexy mini film toys with infidelity, dance, polygamy, monogamy, loneliness, the body, the body in parts, lost love, and the masochistic pain of falling in love and putting everything on the line knowing there is a deadline.

The new single, “4weeks,” tells an unconventional love story.

This duet is not your typical love song. It asks a question…

What if two people falling in love make a hard choice: They decide to have a relationship that lasts only four weeks. No more, no less… Exactly four weeks, then it’s over.

They’d have to enjoy every single moment. They’d know if they can’t be together forever without it changing, without their love fading, then why not be together for just four weeks… and make it all amazing?

Hoodies at Night frontman describes the idea that sparked the song, “It’s like knowing when you’re gonna die… you’d live your life to the fullest. Maybe the same can be said for relationships. Maybe, if you put an end to it, right from the start, you can love with a more open heart.”

The song starts off as a sugary sweet, melancholic ballad as the couple makes their dark choice…

This could be the best weeks of our lives
But I don’t want you to stay…

As the song advances, the music hits hard and the sweet melancholy turns into a badass explosion of synths and beats. It’s like the listener is falling in love and hitting the wall at the same time.

What would you do if you were in a relationship you knew would last only four weeks? Would you live fully? Would you love fully? Right up until the end?