A visual poem about a graphic artist’s struggle to keep himself from being lost.

Films are all about executions of ideas. All ideas might sound great in a writer’s head, but if the director has difficulties executing it to the screen, the idea loses all it’s motive. For X Y Z, directors Carles Chiner & Antoni Sendra thought large with a small idea, but created a wonderful execution of it.

What caught my attention in X Y Z was the mixture between dreamy sensations and technology. A sense that gave me flashbacks to when I first watched Hackers with a young Angelina Jolie, without all the extreme cheesiness. No this is not a film about a hacker getting stuck inside the web, but rather a regular designer struggling to keep his focus between his design axis and reality.

We don’t like to refer to this piece as a short film, mainly because of the lack of narration with it. That’s why we are more comfortable with the term “visual poem”

-Director Antoni Sendra

A lot of effort was put into sound design and this is evident right from the start. Co-director Carles Chiner composed the original music for the film, starting off as a melodic dream turning into a synthesized realm as the main character starts distancing himself from reality.

This hidden gem (pun intended) started off as the guys were beginning to learn animation and motion graphics in After Effects.

…the starting point was born with a challenge: Taking those virtual realms that we were making at the time as After Effects apprentices and putting them together into a narration.