A man responds to a national tragedy on Twitter

Lots of thought can go into a single Twitter post. Unfortunately the thoughts can quickly turn into a cluster of ideas that get overpowered by obsessions. (Prayer Hands Emoji) is a short film by Adam Tyree that takes us through a man’s tweet process while responding to a national tragedy.

Never be too late for it to be relevant

We wrote this short in the fall of 2017 as a response to all of the seemingly unending mass shootings in America. In January of 2018 we shot the film. From there, it sat on the shelf for over a year as we finished other projects. Finally, in February of this year, we realized this subject matter was unfortunately evergreen, and it would never be too late for it to be relevant. So we finally finished it July, and began sharing it on August 1st. Two days later was the El Paso shooting, unfortunately proving us right that.

(Prayer Hands Emoji) is a lightly paced film that strikes us through its simplicity and subtlety, in a very different way than some other tragedy films. But most of all, the story pains us across its incredible relatability. In some form or another, Tyree’s film will make you feel guilty even if you’ve never tweeted. We’re all guilty of getting deep into threads, reading, commenting and even criticizing criticizers. This is where (Prayer Hands Emoji) shines and lets you witness the absurdity with half a step back. Which is enough to leave a marking impression.