Upon his death, a man is given the answers to all the questions about his life he’s ever had — and some he never asked.

This film starts where all others usually end. A man wakes up in the afterlife – alone in a pure white nowhere – faced with an all-knowing light that shows the answers to all the questions he’s ever had about his life. Who stole his bike in 7th grade? How many people did he meet? Who was his perfect match? The answers reveal connections and missed opportunities and ultimately change the way he sees a past relationship.

Every question you’ve had about your life in 8 minutes or less

“The Answers” began as a question: if you had access to a source of unlimited knowledge about your life, what would you ask? Would you start with the big questions like, What does it all mean? Or have you always just wanted to find out who stole your bike in 7th grade? These thoughts led us to a story that would span the entire lifetime of our cocky main character as he fumbles toward the discovery of deeper meaning.

Perhaps the shear simplicity of the film is what really makes the premise as gripping as it is. A provoking kind of film that although you are listening to someone else, makes you ask the same questions to yourself in the meantime.

We decided to make this film in a very small, and very slow way. We realized that the script called for too many locations to be affordable as a standard start-to-finish, full-crew shoot. Instead we created a piecemeal schedule that would allow us to film on weekends with a bare-minimum crew over the course of several months. The challenge came in keeping the film on track and narratively focussed, which I think we managed to pull off thanks to a lot of planning and a lot of luck.