After committing murder, Rufus must decide between keeping his dark deed a secret or exposing his crime to save the woman he loves, from the very man he killed.

Pelt is a atmospheric horror film with a hint of dark fairy tale, mixing themes of desire, jealousy and guilt. Inspired by old European “Dark woods” Fairy tales and werewolf legends but with a spin, taking from Native American Shape Shifter legends in particular the “Skinwalker”.

Shot on location at the Fort Clatsop Replica on the Oregon cost, Pelt was written for Rowan Spiers-Floyd’s thesis film for his BFA in film making. The film was awarded the Gold award for student film, in the 2012 Oregon Film Awards.

The beauty of the film is the all around cinematic production values that the entire team brought together. The costume and detailed set designs are just as relevant in this film as the story itself. Lighting as well played a premordial role in extricating the powerful performances of lead actors Adam Elliott Davis and Jeffree Newman.