A pair of senior citizens have a relationship that shocks both their families in this potty-mouthed, but endearing, comedy.

A short film filled with happiness and compassion, with just as much dirty talking. Danny DeVito and the late David Margulies are a pair of senior citizen curmudgeons where they both display the best part of getting old: no longer caring what anybody thinks. Eighty years-old and in assisted living, Ralph Pajovic is involved in a relationship that makes his family anxious. On a crisp Winter day, his unlucky-in-love granddaughter comes for what seems like an ordinary visit. A curmudgeon by nature, Ralph can’t possibly predict the surprise she has in store for him.

Danny came across the story of Curmudgeons while attending a night of one-act plays at the Ensemble Studio Theatre in New York, where his daughter Lucy was an acting member. Danny’s longtime friend David Margulies happened to star in that one-act, and Danny and Lucy left the theater immediately wanting to turn it into a short film. But it wasn’t until Danny’s son Jake rounded up the whole team that they were able to move forward. In the end, Joshua adapted his play for the screen, David reprised his role, Lucy stepped in to play David’s granddaughter, and Danny took on a role as director and co-star.

Excerpt from Vimeo.com

The film is directed by Danny DeVito, but had the production help from his kids Lucy and Jake. Lucy also stars as Ralphie’s (Marguiles) daughter in the film.