The conflict between doors and windows is threatening to escalate.

We’ve heard all the ancient tales and legends in one form or another over the course of time, but Andrej Boka brings us a new story that surely you have never heard before. Boka’s premise of a conflict between doors and windows does not sound so magical, but after watching the film you will be convinced otherwise.

The Tale of the Wall Habitants tells the story of a growing conflict between the doors and windows of a town. The film’s beauty comes from how the story is told, and how it turns a war between doors and windows seem like a believable tale. Boka brilliantly uses a mix of CGI and live action, with breathtaking cinematography to turn the film into a true fantasy.

All is brought together with a lovely narration by Minja Peković who tells the story like a tale, which makes us feel as if were deeply submerged into a book. With added adult satire, the film is unexpected pleasant watch, and will make you find a new respect for windows and doors alike.