A fateful concatenation, that ends in fire and ashes.

A journey through suspended moments, perhaps it sounds like something you’ve seen before. But when done right, the experience can be a new exhilarating one, and this is exactly what Alexander Heringer did with ‘Fortune Faded’.

“FF” was my first Film project. The goal was to create an outstanding visual motion picture, combined with an intense emotional core.

Although a technique that is become more popular in films and even television that freezes a moment in the story, Heringer took it much further by using this unconventional method to tell the entire story from beginning to end.

We intended to tell a story in a unique way, not usually seen. Our team was inspired by Adam Bergs’ ‘freeze technique’, which became a perfect match for the twisted and fatalistic story.

Heringer is currently working on a new short film project entitled ‘Circle‘ about an unexpected grievous loss putting a young woman in an endless struggle of escaping the past. Follow its progression on Facebook.